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V&A workshop 2

Second of my storyboard sessions for the V&A, this time with 16 to 18 year olds. I made this brief a lot more specific, with a real product, an oat bar, and a real target market. Again it was well attended and the attendees had to create a concept for a 30 second TV commercial […]

V&A workshop

I held a storyboard class for young people at the V&A. It was well attended by lots of keen young writers, artists and animators. Average age around 8. I talked about an angel fish animation I’d been doing recently, but said they could do their storyboard about whatever they wanted. The Angel Fish began a […]

Let there be light

The ad was written, the style set, the Indesign file waiting. Even the idea of the picture was agreed. A view from space of South East Asia lit up. So what was the problem? 6.00 pm and the picture of Asia I had been given was a dark ultramarine with no recognisable features. Fortunately I […]

French Connection

Got a call from a small business, JB Maisons et Jardins en France looking for a logo to go on their outdoor marquee and a business card. They sell flowers and pottery from the 50’s. Combining the two elements into something graphically simple took a bit of working out. In the end they were pleased […]

Horniman Museum

With my improved actionscript skills I decided to try and build a few new banner ads using actionscript. Having previously made a start on an interactive campaign for the Horniman museum, I decided to use it again as a starting point. Surprisingly, the museum has one of the largest collections of musical instruments in the […]

V&A Digital Festival

Walking past Giambologna’s “Samson and a Philistine” made for the Medici in Florence (1560) with your design project wrapped in a bin liner can make you feel like a Philistine. Possibly an imposter. But the staff at the V&A couldn’t have done more to make us feel welcome. Thanks to Andrew and David in particular […]

Dorian Gray

We chose to create an interactive version of “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde. The idea is to give people a few of the moral choices Dorian would have had to make if he were around today. It will be interesting to see if they do things differently. It may well be that […]


LombardForWeb3             Called in to pitch for Lombard. The client was looking for an integrated campaign which showed the many facets of their business. We started off with the press ads – always a good way of boiling down what there is to say, and then expanded out from there. […]

Career Evolution

  Career Evolution is a recruitment agency run by people with specialist backgrounds in outplacement, career transition, career management and coaching to support companies and individuals experiencing change of all kinds in the workplace. The company believe that the new constant in the workplace is continual change.  They provide strategies for organisations or individuals preparing […]