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V&A workshop 2

Second of my storyboard sessions for the V&A, this time with 16 to 18 year olds. I made this brief a lot more specific, with a real product, an oat bar, and a real target market. Again it was well attended and the attendees had to create a concept for a 30 second TV commercial […]

V&A workshop

I held a storyboard class for young people at the V&A. It was well attended by lots of keen young writers, artists and animators. Average age around 8. I talked about an angel fish animation I’d been doing recently, but said they could do their storyboard about whatever they wanted. The Angel Fish began a […]

Let there be light

The ad was written, the style set, the Indesign file waiting. Even the idea of the picture was agreed. A view from space of South East Asia lit up. So what was the problem? 6.00 pm and the picture of Asia I had been given was a dark ultramarine with no recognisable features. Fortunately I […]

French Connection

Got a call from a small business, JB Maisons et Jardins en France looking for a logo to go on their outdoor marquee and a business card. They sell flowers and pottery from the 50’s. Combining the two elements into something graphically simple took a bit of working out. In the end they were pleased […]

Horniman Museum

With my improved actionscript skills I decided to try and build a few new banner ads using actionscript. Having previously made a start on an interactive campaign for the Horniman museum, I decided to use it again as a starting point. Surprisingly, the museum has one of the largest collections of musical instruments in the […]