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Ashford College coming soon

Edited this video while working on the Joomla site for Ashford College. It is in the “New Campus” section. Thanks to all those in the marketing department, and Mary, Kim and Caz in particular for helping me work on it. Also to Matt for letting me stand in while he was off. Ashford College: A […]

Commuting is more fun

Well, I gave it a go. The train was too rammed for me to get on the adjoining two carriages, so here I am, three carriages down. It’s good to see more of our tube cards for Slater and Gordon posted. “Legal maze ahead” in particular. A fellow commuter looks at it thoughtfully for some […]

Commuting is fun

Oh, the joy of the evening commute. The Jubilee Line at North Greenwich is crammed to bursting. Nobody looks happy to be there. Except me. I’ve see one of our Slater and Gordon tube cards posted in the carriage. It’s great when you come across an ad you’ve worked on out in the big wide […]

Le nom de plume

I recently spoke to a client who lives in France. In an effort to clarify the style for a project I said “Ca serai la meme a Cassandre”. That didn’t clarify the style to them at all. I thought my French was probably at fault. In situations like this it usually is. But not this […]