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Alt Language Exhibition

Middlesex University MA Design for Interactive Media Show. September starters. An exhibition of international, interactive audio/visual digital art and design. Shoreditch Town Hall, London. Opening night: Wednesday 29 September, 5pm – 8pm Thursday 30 September – Saturday 2 October 2010, 10am – 6pm Your chance to shelter from a virtual thunderstorm, fight samurais in the […]

16th Century Sikh Armour and Weaponry

As we liked the way Rubbish Planet turned out not to be rubbish, Arminder and I decided to work together on our second major project. This was to be more ambitious than our previous one. We wanted to develop a Flash based interactive microsite and import 3D modelling created in 3DS Max or Maya into […]

Young Designers Exhibition

  The opportunity comes up for students to exhibit at the “Young Designers Exhibition” at the Business Design Centre in London. Deciding not to take the title of the exhibition seriously, I decide to show the “Rubbish Planet” game Arminder and I created (above). Despite having a few issues with the animated pollution sometimes slowing […]

Rubbish Planet

Teamed up with Arminder Kalra, senior UI designer from New Delhi for our first term major project. What a good decision on my part. He’s brilliant. We are looking for a way to develop our illustrator drawing and Flash animation work into an interactive game with a proper idea. We come up with Rubbish Planet, […]


We (Mabel Okiro, Arminder Kalra and yours truly) worked with visiting lecturer Tracy Tsang Hiu Man to make “Elephant.” ‘Elephant’ is a memory aid. Record into a bracelet what you need to take to a meeting at your leisure. As you leave the house the bracelet triggers a sensor in an elephant by your door. […]

Small object of delight

As part of the ongoing work for the MA I decided to make an interactive banner for the Horniman Museum. The museum has a number of “hands on” exhibits which are objects visitors are encouraged to handle. These objects are labelled as part of the “Hands on Project” in the museum. This banner echoes the […]


This project was created to fulfill the requirements of a first term module for the MA in Design for Interactive Media at Middlesex University. The project had to be about a submarine. I made a animated recreation of the sinking of the Lusitania using Flash. The main challenge was to come up with a different […]

Three things

  The opening project of my MA in Design for Interactive Media was to make a narrative from tree unrelated objects. These were a Holy Mary medallion, an imaginary world and a mother practicing “The Sound of Music”.  In the stills above, taken from the Flash animation,  you can’t hear the sound of music but […]