V&A Digital Festival

Walking past Giambologna’s “Samson and a Philistine” made for the Medici in Florence (1560) with your design project wrapped in a bin liner can make you feel like a Philistine.

Possibly an imposter. But the staff at the V&A couldn’t have done more to make us feel welcome. Thanks to Andrew and David in particular for the comprehensive choice of easels and mac monitor connectors on offer, and for sticking around the evening before the festival to let us test everything worked.

That meant on the big day we had nothing to worry about. Well just to make sure that everyone who put themselves in the shoes of Dorian Gray and made themselves look ugly enjoyed it. Thankfully most did. Some grappled with their moral conscience. Others just clicked on the worst sins every time to see the most extreme distortions applied to their faces. It is probably no news that little boys like to see themselves covered with digital spiders and cobwebs.

The Digital Design Festival was held in the stylish and contemporary Sackler Centre. No real cobwebs. Just lots of lovely new Apple macs for educating young designers. Worth a visit, no question.