Siemens Zero Defects Internal Comms

Posters, badges, ambient, stickers, T shirts 
This campaign did reduce the number of mistakes made in production. But to keep 385,000 employees in more than 200 countries from making any was beyond it.Siemens-ZeroDefects_2-420x297_Page_4b



Badge design for Siemens

Idea and design printed on protective goggles

Design for Siemens Windpower division gloves
Siemens logo design used to make stickers

T Shirt Design for Siemens Windpower

Siemens packaging design for an eraser

Brochure page design for Siemens Wind Power

Design for Siemens Wind brochure

Design for Siemens' Wind Power brochure section.

Design for page of Siemens' WInd Power brochure