HMGOV Cyberstreetwise

HMGOV Cyberstreetwise

Integrated Campaign

Client Brief
Research showed that both target groups considered themselves ‘too busy’ for cyber security and thought that they were invincible to hackers.
We needed to raise SME owners’ and 20 to 30 year olds’ awareness of cybercrime and get them to take cyber security seriously.
It was also important to get them to visit the Cyberstreet website to find out in detail how to protect themselves and their businesses.

We used the relevant and thought-provoking power of glitch art to graphically illustrate the numerous cyber threats that our audiences face every day.
We combined that with a memorable heuristic (a career first).

Mike Keane created this work as part of a team.
© M&C Saatchi

Concept, Art Direction and Graphic design for HM Government



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