Young Designers Exhibition


Rubbish Planet

Planet Rubbish

The Planet is getting better.

You've nearly saved the planet.

Nearly time for the kids to go home.

Time to go back to the planet.

The opportunity comes up for students to exhibit at the “Young Designers Exhibition” at the Business Design Centre in London. Deciding not to take the title of the exhibition seriously, I decide to show the “Rubbish Planet” game Arminder and I created (above). Despite having a few issues with the animated pollution sometimes slowing down the planet, we are curious to user test it with real live children. Unfortunately, only a few come to the exhibition. There is an inverse relationship between the size of the people playing the game and their ability to do so. Youngsters go straight to the a, b and c options. Sadly their knowledge of environmental issues is not matched by their game playing savvy, and they then call on mum or dad to answer. The illustration style is liked across the board, but most people find it hard to accept the state of planet.