The problem:
We throw away a third of the food we buy. It’s expensive and contributes to climate change because the food
releases greenhouse gases as it rots. The client wanted to raise awareness of this with a limited budget.

The solution:
This is very much a situation where ignorance is bliss. So we had to educate people about how much they throw out. It’s a compelling piece of information that forces a revaluation of their buying habits by appealing to their conscience and their wallet.


How to play.
To play the “Rubbish Planet” game, players answer environmental questions using the a, b and c keys. Correct answers cause rubbish fly off the planet. Wrong answers added more to it. If the rubbish is cleared, the children in the basket return to earth. Please click on intro to see how to play the game. Please play the video to see the question and answer section still in development.